Hey, it’s been quite some time, don’t you think? Well, today we are here with good news for you! As you should know, our 5th anniversary happened few days ago. Therefore, in a festive mood, we’ll continue celebrating our 5th anniversary announcing an awesome contest in partnership with TibiaLight.


The goal of this contest is to create an image using artificial intelligence containing Ragna or Valiant in an amorous encounter with the Wicked Witch. You cannot edit the image or add any additional data beyond what the tool provides.

General Rules
  • You must have a character level 100 or higher;
  • The character must not be hidden, your loyalty title must be visible;
  • TibiaLight and TibiaLabs members are not allowed to participate;

  • Prizes will be sent to the character mentioned in the submission (no changes allowed);
  • By submitting, participants confirm having read all the rules in their entirety, thus taking responsibility for the correct submission. The team will not alert in case of errors or missing information;
  • The team reserves the right to change or add rules if necessary for the maintenance of the contest, through announcements on our Discord;
  • The Contest starts at 10:00 AM CET on February 19, 2024 (Server Save Time), and ends at 10:00 AM CET on March 09, 2024 (Server Save Time), any submission sent after this period will be invalid.
Specific Rules
  • Submissions must be sent via the Ticket Tool, which can be accessed via the Submissions channel in the 5th Anniversary Contest category of TibiaLabs’ Discord;

  • The generated image must have a reference to Wicked Witch (fansite item of TibiaLabs) and The Gods’ Twilight Doll (fansite item of TibiaLight) in an amorous encounter;
  • You can send as many submissions you want, however only 01 valid submission per participant will be considered, in the case of sending 02 or more images, we will consider the last one;
  • The submission, to be considered valid, must contain:

    • Image generated by the Artificial Intelligence;

    • Character’s name and World (our team will check if it complies with the minimum rules);

  • The submission must be exclusive to this competition, and no previous work should be submitted;

  • No editing will be allowed on the image generated by the Artificial Intelligence;

  • Edits to the discord post will not be allowed, in the event of an error please send a new message on the channel created to you by TicketTool.

Winner Selection
  • TibiaLabs’ & TibiaLight Staff will select the ten best entries, those will be sent to CipSoft to be voted, on this last step TibiaLabs & TibiaLight’s Staff won’t have voting power;
  • The three most voted by CipSoft will be selected as winners, in case that two or more entries have the same amount of votes, TibiaLabs & TibiaLight’s Admin will have to decide which one is better.
    First place
    Second place
    • Silver Trophy of Excellence
    • The remaining item from first prize selection
    Third place

    Our team wishes good luck to everyone! 😊

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