Hey, did you missed us? We were celebrating our 3rd anniversary and got a little busy, however today we are back and proud to announce a new contest, the first one rewarding our precious fansite item!

The goal of this contest is to create an in-game decoration to demonstrate how would be the first date of our beloved Wicked Witch!

Contest Rules
  • The participant must be registered in our Community Forum (remember to check your spam folder 😅);
  • You must create your own thread and post as many submissions as you want in the submissions category;
  • Any question/discussion can be submitted in our Discord;
  • The image must contain only the Game Window (Example on TibiaHome) and must be uploaded on TibiaGallery;
  • Entries must be your own creation and it must not plagiarise someone else’s work;
  • We will NOT accept images with edition, DO NOT change the image;
  • The decoration must be made especially for this contest, to guarantee exclusivity, in the picture the character needs to be saying “3rd Anniversary Contest – TibiaLabs″;
  • Your submission must contain the name and server of the character who will receive the prize, if it is among the winners;
  • While the contest is running all submissions will stay hidden from the public;
  • The deadline is April, 1st (GMT+0).
Contest Details
  • The in-game decoration must have a reference to Wicked Witch (fansite item of TibiaLabs) and her first love date;
  • You may include a short description to your submission, max 144 characters.
Winner Selection
  • TibiaLabs’ Staff will select the five best entries, those will be sent to CipSoft & Fansites Admins to be voted, on this last step TibiaLabs’ Staff won’t have voting power;
  • The three most voted by CipSoft & Fansite Admins will be selected as winners, in case that two or more entries have the same amount of votes, TibiaLabs’ Admin will have to decide which one is better.
    First place

    Second place

    • Silver Trophy of Excellence
    • Choice between the remaining two items
    Third place

    • Bronze Trophy of Excellence
    • The remaining item

    Special Thanks to CasalTibiano, TibiaGallery & TibiaHome.

    Our team wishes good luck to everyone! 😊

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