Dear contest participants, it was a great pleasure hosting TibiaLabs’ official fansite item contest. We had about 40 submissions and with help from our fansite admins, friends and Tibia Community Managers, we are finally ready to announce the winners!

1 – Wicked Doll by Aynnah

2 – Mysterious Potion by Makadamia

3 – Wizard Doll of The Free Will by Renan Bitencourt

In addition to that, we would like to make an honourable mention to Amy Meow’s Alchemical Substance that was not selected for the top 3.

The TibiaLabs team would like to congratulate the winners and we are sincerely thankful for all the effort and dedication you have put into this contest. We are amazed by the quality and creativity of the submissions.

Therefore, for those who are feeling anxious, here’s the final version of Wicked Witch:

You see a wicked witch. It weighs 19.90 oz. She was one of Ferumbras’ former students at the Noodles Academy. Awarded by TibiaLabs.com.

It will provide 3 sqm of purple light.

Sounds on Use:
– Hail TibiaLabs.com!
– A pinch of voodoo lily pollen, a drop of frozen tear and swirl to combine.
– Trouble, trouble, cauldron bubble!
– Do you want to learn forbidden magic?
– I’ve put a spell on you, <player name>.

It is uncertain why she was drawn into Ferumbras’ ideals, but was is clear, is that she was a gifted witch. She learnt many types of magic such as… theurgy, illusion, necromancy, alchemy, conjuration and many more that I can recall.

When used, it’ll trigger the following animation.

See you all in our next contest.